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Saghro and Siroua djebels

The Saghro djebel


Hassan with a kid


Saghro rock peak

This small mountain massif, isolated between the chain of the Central High-Atlas and the big Saharan areas is close to Dades valley. Of volcanic origin, this region sculptured by the erosion is very varied with its tabular massifs, basalt peaks and deep gorges. The peak of 2800 m dominates this variety of landscapes with numerous tiny villages lived by the tribe of Aît Atta.

The Siroua djebel

Country of the saffron, this former volcanic massif connects High Atlas and Anti-Atlas. This wild and magnificent region abounds in a variety of exceptional landscapes : terrace cultivations, rock massifs, deep canyons and green valleys contribute to a peerless beauty. The hike, throughout the volcanic chain, with its peak of 3305 meters allows to cross a lot of villages and typical sheepfolds of Aît Ouaouzguite so discovering their customs.

My proposals :
Several hikes of average difficulty in these small massifs near the desert, between Atlas and Sahara :
The most convenient period : spring and autumn


Amassine - Siroua village


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