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Allah, Alwatan , Al malik …. God, Homeland, King. It is the slogan of Morocco.

For the pronunciation

  r :  is always openly rolled, as in Spanish or in Italian.

  gh :  pronounces as r with a strongly guttural pronunciation, produced by vibration at the bottom of the throat, as when we make gargles.

  kh :  like the Spanish jota or the ch in German in the word « Achtung » ;
We produce it by scraping the back of the throat.

  h :  is strongly expired, as in English or in German ; the breath comes directly from the breast, without meeting an obstacle at the level of the throat.

  q :  look like k pronounced with a strong relaxation of the palate; is emitted by a deaf explosion at the bottom of the throat. Represents a sound emitted of the deepest of the throat.

From Arabic to English :

Haram : what’s prohibited
Halal : what’s allowed


Civilities The nature in the mountains , the desert or the city
BerberEnglish BerberEnglish

(" In the name of God ") systematically when you receive something Adrar ou

Sahit(Thank you in berber) Afella(summit)
Choukrane(Thank you in arabic) Aït("The" to design the members of a family or a tribe!)
(in berber)


La choukrane ala wajib(No thanks you for a duty) Agadir(attic)
Ouara(Yes, All right) Agwdal(paturage)
Labes ?
Labes amdullah ou Labes amdulillah
(How are you ?)
(I am fine) (response)
I am fine, thanks God

(cliff or rock)

Isaque ihla wawal(Are you OK ?) Almou(meadow)
Salam aleikoum(Hello, peace on you) Aqqa(Deeply embanked torrent)
Oualeikoum salam(And on you too) (response) Araras(road)
Sabah el Kheir(Good Morning in arabic) Assif ou oued(River, torrent)
Lahanik (s) lahanikoum (p)
(Good by)
(Good by in berber)


(Plateau, table-land)

Gnatas g'lman(Good night in) Lazib(Sheepfolds)
B'sahtk(Cheers !) Douar(village)
Bassahtkoum(Cheers !) Ifri(Cave, grotto)
Araska(See you tomorrow) Igherm(Strengthened attic)
Arimik(See you later) Ighil(arm)
Arad (give) Ighir(shoulder)
Adoud (come) Ighzer(ravine)
Hak(hold) Imi(mouth)
T'ch(eat) Kerkourcaïrn)
Ya lahat
(Let’s go)
(We have nothing)
Lâzib(High irriguable valley)
Is tgant mazyan(Did you sleep well?) Taddart(house)
Yari Laze(I am hungry) Tafoukt(sun)
sflid(listen) Taghbalout(Small source, well)
chouiaA little Taghia(gorge)
bzafmany Talat(Ravine, valley)
bislamaGood by Tamda(Lake)
makain mouchkilNo problem Tizi(pass)
Aouitnan(Be careful) Trga (pluriel tirggwin)(Irrigation channel)
Balek !Be careful In souks, when the salesmen pass with their cart! mzien ou zouinThat’s beautiful
min fadlek ou aafakPlease chems ou tafouyitsun
bessahhaCheers, at the beginning of the meal qamar ou ayourmoon
NaâmYes sahradesert
Leïla SaïdaGood night AfroukhPalm tree
Walounothing medina(city - rather a former city)
SaafiIt’s enough madrassaschool
WaghaAll right darhouse
Aïd el KhbirBig festival, or holiday, the so called holiday of the sheep babdoor
Aïd MoubarakHappy Name’s day floussmoney
Sana SaïdaHappy new year


In the kitchen or at table The persons, the clothes and the animals
BerberEnglish BerberEnglish
Batata(potatoes) Sidi(Sir)
Zitoun(olives) Lala(Madam)
Zit zitoun(Olive oil) Walidin(Parents)
Kawa(coffee) Drari(Children)
Skar(sugar) Arba(Little boy)
Maticha(tomato) Tarba(Little girl)
Nanâ(mint) Tbib ou adbib(doctor)
Aman(water) Djellaba(Traditional long garment with sleeves and hood)
Askif(soup) Gandoura(Other traditional long garment but without hood)
Khobz ou Aghroum(bread)
Limoun(orange) Oulli(sheep)
Zebda(butter) Tighatten(goats)
lmouss(knife) Kelb ou Aydi(dog)
Forchetta(fork) Jmal ou Alghoum(dromedary)
Laafia ou afa(fire) Asserdoun (pl. isserdane(mules)


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